Suboxone Treatment is More than Medication

Opioid Addiction has quickly become a leading cause of death in the United States. With drugs like deadly fentanyl on the rise, 12-step programs can feel like they’re simply not enough. Undoubtedly, addicts need robust treatment now more than ever. Thankfully, recovery through Suboxone treatment offers just that. Implemented through Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), Suboxone administration is direct and effective, helping to reform the addiction recovery game.

What is MAT?

Suboxone treatment for Medication Assisted Treatment changes lives. This is due to it’s effective approach and utilization of a combination of methodologies. Patients are diverse, therefore treatment with Suboxone and MAT takes advantage of multiple pathways to recovery. Medication Assisted Treatment is a form of care that combines FDA-approved medications with behavioral therapies. Together, this union of body and mind care allows for a whole-patient approach. Medications incorporated in MAT often include buprenorphine and naloxone. These two combine into a prescription medication called ‘Suboxone’, which can be extremely useful in combating addiction.

Medication Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder

How Suboxone Helps

Suboxone is a very important medication used to treat addiction. When successfully employed, it can treat pain and alleviate symptoms of withdrawal. This is due to the two main drugs used in it; buprenorphine and naloxone. Buprenorphine works as an opioid partial agonist. Partial agonists bind to receptors in the brain, with partial efficacy. This allows buprenorphine to help relieve withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Alternatively, naloxone is an opioid antagonist. Antagonists block receptors, so naloxone works to reverse the effects of opioids. It can relieve pain and lessen the desire to take opiates. Despite the fact that Suboxone and MAT are widely underused, evidence supports the success of their implementation. Dispelling myths and encouraging MAT programs is an important next step in getting addicts the proper care they need.

Continued Success of Suboxone Treatment

More than medication, Suboxone treatment with MAT is the leading pathway to recovery. Suboxone treats addiction in the brain and it’s implementation with Medication Assisted Treatment establishes a new type of addiction care which is comprehensive and effective. To illustrate, France saw a 79% decrease in opioid-related deaths after first allowing buprenorphine to be clinically distributed in 1995. Further, reports support findings that MAT assists with faster recoveries, overdose prevention and cognition refinement. Without a doubt, Suboxone and MAT sit at the forefront of addiction recovery methods.

Finding Your Suboxone Doctor

Suboxone with MAT can be successfully delivered in an outpatient setting. Outpatient settings offer the unique advantage of supplying patients with a Suboxone doctor and treatment plan, without the hefty price tag of inpatient care. Similarly, those treated with outpatient services can get back to their work, families and lives, while receiving continued care. Finding a Suboxone doctor that’s right for you is important. That’s why West Palm Beach outpatient detox centers such as Alternatives for You provides patients with involved, affordable care. Alternatives for You is the best place for Palm Beach County suboxone treatment, as it is able to provide addicts with Suboxone treatment for MAT, an outpatient setting and the oversight of  Dr. Charles A. Buscema.

Alternatives for You is a Medication Assisted Treatment clinic located in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Servicing the Greater West Palm Beach. Alternatives for You specializes in MAT care with Suboxone on an outpatient basis. Call us today at (561) 337-8880.

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