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​Outpatient Suboxone Treatment in West Palm Beach

MAT Therapy with Suboxone is being sparked by our nation's opioid crisis. This is due to high West Palm Beach area relapse rates for patients with opiate use disorder. Whether it's street heroin or a prescription opioid, relapses and overdoses are at an all-time high. In combating this crisis, the only quantifiable method for decreasing relapse is Suboxone treatment and other MAT Programs. At this time, traditional treatment methods are not successful in handling the opioid crisis. Furthermore, we are not adapting to the realities of this dire situation. Fortunately, outpatient Suboxone treatment is changing that paradigm and providing real hope to patients in the community.


​Outpatient MAT Therapy Program

Alternatives for You is providing busy West Palm Beach area professionals with high quality addiction treatment. More importantly, treatment that doesn't require taking 30-60 or even 90 days out of one's life.  Our outpatient MAT program offers life-changing medical and therapeutic treatment without disrupting life. In fact, our unique outpatient practice treats patients while they continue with their on-the-go work and home schedules. For this reason, the flexible scheduling of morning, afternoon or evening appointments makes addiction treatment a turnkey part of your routine. Alternatives for You's addiction treatment is designed to help patients overcome addiction without the worry of painful withdrawal and manic cravings. 

Outpatient MAT Therapy with Suboxone in West Palm Beach

Outpatient Suboxone Treatment is Cost-Effective Care

Outpatient Suboxone treatment will save billions in healthcare dollars over the next decade. For example, continued employment will significantly cut disability expenses, as well as, lost productivity. Also, those incarcerated for drug-related crimes can now be treated for opioid addiction in prosecution diversion programs. In other words, outpatient addiction care will replace costly, ineffective incarceration. The healthcare results and outcomes will far surpass the current conservative forms of abstinence treatment at a far less cost to our communities, the healthcare industry, and the taxpayer.

On an individual level, patients can be treated locally in outpatient Suboxone clinics; many without the burden of high-deductible insurance costs associated with inpatient rehab. In fact, many patients will only make a small co-pay (depending on policy) for outpatient MAT care.

​Suboxone Treatment Increases Success Rates

MAT therapy with Suboxone can decrease cravings and relieve withdrawal symptoms. In particular, it will helps patients remain abstinent while they gain control over opioid addiction.  This happens, in part, because their cravings or the anxiety of withdrawal have subsided. Similarly, we know that the longer patients stay sober while working a therapy program, the higher the recovery rates. Also, according to recent studies, Suboxone treatment has shown success rates as high as 70%.  In other words, outpatient Suboxone treatment has become a game-changer for patients to attain long-term sobriety (and at a price they can afford).