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West Palm Beach Outpatient Detox

Alternatives for You specializes in outpatient alcohol detox and outpatient opiate detox at home under doctor supervision. This method greatly reduces the cost burden of inpatient detox while the patient has the comforts of their own home. Our Medical Director, Dr. Charles Buscema takes a customized approach throughout the entire detox course. Furthermore, both Dr. Buscema and our staff will work with you to provide a safe and comfortable West Palm Beach detoxification. Moreover, Alternatives for You offers discreet, private, and full-service medical care throughout every step of the detox process. In this way, our team of professionals will be with you through each phase of recovery.

Palm Beach Gardens Outpatient Detox

Outpatient Detox Services in Palm Beach Gardens

During your initial visit, our staff will gather your medical history to fully understand the specifics of your alcohol or drug addiction. Next, we will create an individualized program and Dr. Buscema will likely prescribe FDA-approved medications to alleviate cravings and withdrawals.  At this point, the patient fills their medications and is monitored through appointments. Overall, our outpatient detox provides patients the following end-to-end services:

  • Intake medical history
  • Perform patient assessment
  • Prescribe detox medications
  • Customize medication schedule
  • Provide ongoing consultation
  • Initiate taper of detox medications
  • Commence in-house psychotherapy
  • ​Follow-up care and consultation
Outpatient Detox in Palm Beach Gardens

​Opiate Detox Near West Palm Beach

Our outpatient detox program will help you reduce opiate cravings and withdrawal symptoms. They are  typically not dangerous. However, it is never advised to simply stop taking an opiate and going “cold turkey” on your own. Besides personal safety, a complete and thorough detoxification should be supervised by a physician.

Our opiate detox program is largely focused on using Suboxone and other medication assisted treatment medications. Suboxone has also become the standard for effective opiate detoxification. Additionally, Suboxone helps treat heroin addiction, as well as addiction to prescription painkillers (Hydrocodone, Oxycontin, Percocet, etc). Most importantly, Suboxone’s efficacy provides safety and comfort that optimizes the entire outpatient detox process.

​Alcohol Detox in Palm Beach Gardens

Alternatives for you only performs outpatient alcohol detox for patients whose indications are mild to moderate. Notwithstanding, patients who exhibit moderate to severe alcohol addiction symptoms are referred to a local inpatient detox center. Above all, this is done to ensure patient safety, as alcohol can be very dangerous should long-term use stop abruptly. However, patients can generally begin right away with mild to moderate symptoms. To begin, the doctor is likely to prescribe FDA-approved comfort medications. Also, our physicians may prescribe Naltrexone as appropriate. As a result, Naltrexone has shown to suppress alcohol cravings and prevent relapse. Also, patients are monitored through follow-up appointments during detox. 


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