Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Our Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) program is designed for adult patients who want to get off the merry-go-round of rehab and life-threatening relapse. In fact, it’s the best option for those addicted to opioids whose goal is to achieve long-term sobriety. With the assistance of evidence-based medication our patients can achieve positive outcomes and normalize their lives. Most importantly, MAT programs like Suboxone maintenance have become the most effective and life-changing forms of addiction care. Moreover, they help patients overcome the compulsion to use substances. Today, the most widely used medications for most MAT programs include: Suboxone, Subutex, Sublocade, Naltrexone and Vivitrol.

Designed specifically for the treatment of alcohol and opioid addictions, medication assisted treatment (MAT) includes both specific medications and behavioral therapies that are intended to:

  • Assist patients to focus on their recovery without cravings or withdrawal.
  • Help patients develop the vital strategies and skills.
  • Decrease the risk of dangerous relapse.


What is Suboxone?

Suboxone is an FDA-approved medication containing the active ingredients Buprenorphine and Naloxone. Buprenorphine reduces cravings by “tricking” brain receptors used to receiving opioids. At the same time, Naloxone is an opioid antagonist that counteracts the effects of opioids on the brain. For instance, if patients taking Suboxone use heroin, the opiate will not produce the desired analgesic and euphoric effects. Suboxone is an FDA approved medication containing both Buprenorphine and Naloxone. It is an essential medication for any MAT program.

What is Subutex?

Buprenorphine (Subutex) was developed for usage in the early detoxification from opioid/opiate drugs. Buprenorphine is the cornerstone medication in Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). It is also a partial opioid agonist, which is useful for suppression of cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Once the detoxification has been completed, a transition to Suboxone is typically indicated. Subutex is one of the medications utilized in pregnant women with Opioid Use Disorder, in addition to Methadone.

What is the Difference Between Subutex and Suboxone?

Buprenorphine (Subutex) was developed for use as a detox aid from opioid/opiate drugs. On the other hand, Suboxone is widely used for both detox and MAT maintenance programs. Since Buprenorphine is the active ingredient in both medications, it is an easy transition from Subutex to Suboxone for patients directed under a doctor's care. While Buprenorphine was found to be effective in the treatment of opioid addiction, there was still a propensity to abuse the drug. Many addicts tried to inject the drug intravenously in order to attain the same high as with heroin or prescription painkillers. They often succeeded, prompting development of another medication so that this could not happen, like Suboxone, that also contains Naloxone, which blocks the effects of opioids.

Probably the most important advantage of Suboxone and Subutex is that these medications stop the withdrawal symptoms which lead addicted people to seek more heroin or other opioids. In fact, a patient on Buprenorphine is not in withdrawal, not “high”, not craving and not seeking. Most importantly, patients can begin to return to a normal life.

NEW Sublocade

Sublocade is a once-monthly injection containing Buprenorphine. Unlike Suboxone, Sublocade contains only Buprenorphine, and not Naloxone. In this way, patients can get steady, continuous levels of Buprenorphine throughout the month without the possibility for abuse. The medication is injected as a liquid, but changes to a solid form that delivers the medication all throughout the month. This new MAT medication can only  be administered by a healthcare provider. It is not available as a retail prescription. Dr. Buscema will know if Sublocade is right for you after performing an assessment and consultation.

What is Vivitrol?

Vivitrol was approved by FDA in 2010 for use in opioid addiction treatment programs. Vivitrol contains Naltrexone, which suppresses cravings. As a result, it has helped a countless number of addicts remain in recovery by preventing relapse. Vivitrol is administered monthly as an injection in a medical office. Like Suboxone, it has a proven track record of helping patient’s recover when performed as Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), which includes behavioral therapy.

West Palm Beach Outpatient Medication Assisted Treatment

Centrally located in the West Palm Beach area, our Suboxone clinic will maximize your addiction treatment while minimizing your life disruption. Specifically, our addiction treatment programs are offered morning, noon and evening to give patients the flexibility they need. At Alternatives for You, we deliver time-tested therapies and strategies that will create success for addiction patients. All our programs are evidenced-based and combined with psychotherapy. Also, outpatient medication assisted treatment are a fraction of the cost of traditional inpatient rehab. While we think of ourselves as unique, we know this model of care is the future of addiction treatment​. In addition, we know how important it is for patients to have family support while on the road to recovery and our flexible programs bolster that ingredient.

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