Outpatient Group Therapy

​West Palm Beach Group Therapy 


All patients in the Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) program participate in an eight-week / three times per week session of group therapy. At that point, patients will typically reduce to once-a-week. All therapy takes place in our Palm Beach County office.  Moreover, Alternatives for You offers flexible morning, afternoon and evening sessions to meet patients busy schedules. Typically, patients will choose a specific time of day or alternating schedule.  Whichever schedule fits them best. At the same time, group therapy gives recovering addicts the chance to learn new coping skills, exercise their communication skills, and be supported in a meaningful way by other patients and the therapist.

Beyond that, many thoughtful friendships are created in group therapy, where patients learn how to develop trust with one another in a supportive community. This support therapy is one more element used by our professional staff, in the process of normalizing life. Group therapy is effective in reinforcing recovery lessons and making the addiction recovery process more relatable.

​​​​​Benefits of Group Psychotherapy

The group dynamic encourages the giving and receiving of support. It also teaches patients how to relate to others in social circumstances. Furthermore, it provides an atmosphere to practice being confident and acting brave. This therapeutic approach connects patients with others who are going through parallel life experiences. Additionally, group settings empower individuals to overcome issues that tend to be closely associate with substance dependency. These include feelings of shame, the inability to relate to others, depression, and isolation. 

The group atmosphere provides a safe, supportive setting where patients can discuss painful memories and emotions. At the same time, the group can celebrate their victories and share their failures with each other. Essentially, they learn, inspire and help each other in their recovery journey. Moreover, our group therapy strengthens one of the most important components in addiction treatment: that no one is alone in their experiences with addiction.

West Palm Beach Group

MAT Programs Need Behavioral Psychotherapy

For the same reason that abstinence-only models are ineffective, medication assisted treatment is not efficient with medication alone. We know from experience that if old behaviors are not changed, then a new, sober way of thinking will not emerge, and likely invite addiction relapse. However, when doctors combine life-changing medications with traditional behavioral therapy, the results are very positive. In our outpatient group psychotherapy program, patients lives have been normalized and they are now in a more receptive state of behavior change. At the same, patients support and challenge each other as they become vested in each other's recovery. Another added benefit of West Palm Beach group therapy is that the setting translates very well in outside 12-step programs.

Common Group Therapy Topics

  • Addiction education
  • Managing stress & anxiety
  • Anger Management
  • Coping skills
  • Substance abuse triggers
  • Managing cravings and withdrawal symptoms
  • Relapse prevention
  • Maintaining healthy relationships


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