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Suboxone Treatment is More than Medication

Suboxone Treatment in West Palm Beach

Opioid Addiction has quickly become a leading cause of death in the United States. With drugs like deadly fentanyl on the rise, 12-step programs can feel like they’re simply not enough. Undoubtedly, addicts need robust treatment now more than ever. Thankfully, recovery through Suboxone treatment offers just that. Implemented through Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), Suboxone […]

Suboxone Programs Need Faster Expansion

Suboxone treatment clinic in West Palm Beach

Several treatment methods have been developed to combat the tormenting grip of addiction. Opioid addiction has become increasingly challenging, and the focus of much debate. Opioids are substances that create morphine-like effects by acting on opioid receptors, and include prescription pain relievers, heroin and the recently popularized fentanyl. Today, over 100 people are still dying […]