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Why Abstinence-Only Models Don’t Work

MAT Program Patient

For a long time, abstinence-only treatment seemed like the best avenue for addiction recovery. Today, we know better. Abstinence-only treatments such as the popular Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and other 12-step programs can be spiritually and mentally fulfilling in many ways. They also make up most treatment methods. Unfortunately, they are simply not efficient in creating […]

Top Four Changes in Addiction Treatment

Changes in Addiction Treatment

Addiction has been stifling American communities for a long time. In recent years, opioid battles and dangers, like Fentanyl, have pervaded the scene. Many are calling for fast change. One of the areas constantly calling for is getting more treatment to more people. A look into recent history will show that significant shifts have already […]

Outpatient MAT Programs are the Future of Addiction Treatment

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There have occurred dramatic advances in the treatment of SUD (substance use disorders) in the last decade. Treatment models have evolved from pure abstinence and social context approaches to a new paradigm which incorporates the biological, social, and behavioral components of this heterogeneous disorder into a unifying theme known today as MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment).A […]

Pros & Cons of Medication Assisted Treatment

Advantages of Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication assisted treatment (MAT) remains a controversy but is being utilized more than ever. Whichever side you are on, there seem to be more benefits than consequences. It appears the medications used for MAT are safe and significantly reduce the risk of relapse and possible overdose death. MAT is also cost effective, especially given the […]