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Addiction Treatment in Pregnant Women

Womens health Addiction Treatment

Addiction alone is a difficult and dangerous path. Even more so for pregnant women who find themselves addicted to substances. Like most things ingested, drugs can easily pass through the mother’s thin placental membrane and umbilical cord directly to the fetus. Also, most drugs are present in breast milk. Thus, it is often both the […]

Outpatient Medication Assisted Treatment

MAT Program Patient

Several addiction recovery protocols have developed over time in an attempt to battle the opioid crisis. Although there is much debate surrounding which programs work best, it is widely agreed upon that a combination of different strategies is the most effective approach, as most would agree. One program that was specifically engineered with this in […]

MAT Programs Produce Positive Outcomes

Heroin Addiction treatment West Palm Beach

The opioid epidemic that is still shaking our country and communities. As each day passes and we look for answers to solve this public health crisis, one method is standing above the rest. Today, Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) offers real hope and has shown traction in producing positive outcomes for patients with Opioid Use Disorder. […]