Tired of Traditional Rehab?


'Alternatives for You' offers proven maximum medical and therapeutic treatment without leaving home. Our unique outpatient addiction program treats patients effectively without time-consuming rehab. In this way, patients can live with their families, continue working at their jobs, and sleep in their own beds. More than just medication assisted treatment (MAT), our Palm Beach Gardens Suboxone clinic offers patients a whole package of therapies and services to achieve successful outcomes. Our outpatient addiction treatment program is minimally disruptive to patient’s lives while reinforcing the skills that are needed for long-term recovery. In fact, our Suboxone doctor will be with you every step of the way.

​Palm Beach Gardens Addiction Treatment

Alternatives for you is a West Palm Beach area outpatient Suboxone clinic. We specialize in Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) as part of a comprehensive outpatient addiction treatment program. Moreover, we help our patients stop the revolving door of rehab and normalize their lives with advanced medical care and therapy. As a result, our Suboxone doctor practice services a growing demand for medication assisted treatment (MAT). Moreover, our Palm Beach County Suboxone clinic offers the flexibility of morning, afternoon and evening programs.  In addition, our evidenced-based MAT programs work in tandem with valuable psychotherapy.  This full range of care includes co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders. Our warm, compassionate staff will help you understand what to expect as we get you on the road to a rewarding life in recovery.

Palm Beach County Suboxone Treatment

Suboxone treatment may vary from one patient to another. Additionally, a lot depends on the patient’s individual situation and the drugs they have been abusing. For example, Medication Assisted Treatment for opioid addiction may vary depending on time in addiction. Our Palm Beach County Suboxone doctor utilizes FDA approved medications in the treatment of opioid and alcohol use disorders. These medications include Buprenorphine/Naloxone (Suboxone), Buprenorphine (Subutex), Naltrexone, and Naltrexone ER (Vivitrol). Long-acting medications also include Buprenorphine / Naloxone in SQ form, and new monthly injectables like Sublocade for Opioid Use Disorders. Long-acting Naltrexone is given as a monthly dose (Vivitrol). Naltrexone is useful in both opioid and alcohol use disorders.

​West Palm Beach Suboxone Doctor

Each patient manifests addiction differently. Depending on a patient’s symptoms, circumstances and addiction history, different treatment methods may be used. Today, doctors have more tools available to them, like Buprenorphine. This MAT medication is the first medicine to treat opioid addiction that is allowed to be prescribed or dispensed in a Suboxone doctor office. This has created meaningful access to vital addiction treatment. Most importantly, outpatient addiction treatment strategies are tailored to the patient’s unique situation. For example, Alternatives for You is one of only a few West Palm Beach Suboxone doctor clinics that is experienced in treating addiction in pregnant women. This is where we succeed, while others put patients through a cookie-cutter approach. Our priority is getting every patient that walks through our doors stabilized. Then, we help them start a new way of life through our West Palm Beach Suboxone program.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment will Save Billions in Healthcare Costs

​Outpatient addiction treatment will save billions of healthcare dollars. For example, the continuation of patient employment will reduce disability expenses, and loss of productivity in companies of all sizes. Also, Americans in the criminal justice system can be treated for opiate addiction in prosecutor diversion programs. In fact, medication assisted treatment (MAT) may replace incarceration for non-violent drug offenses. ​Finally, the healthcare results and long-term outcomes will far exceed the current conventional forms of abstinence-based treatment at a far less cost for the patient, health insurers, and the American taxpayer. Many believe this model of care is the common-sense next step in addiction treatment and will be the standard for the future. At Alternatives for You, we treat all alcohol and drug addictions through a comprehensive approach that combines vital medical care and behavioral therapy. We do this while keeping addiction treatment affordable.

​Outpatient Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Outpatient treatment is nothing new in the addiction treatment world. However, it has always been known as the lowest-level of treatment. In other words, it is the final stage in comprehensive care or initial stage for non-severe or moderate addiction problems. That's not true today. With the expansion of medication assisted treatment (MAT), patients no longer have to travel far for inpatient rehab or drive 50 miles to a Suboxone doctor accepting new patients. Also, outpatient care can just as comprehensive as a 30-day rehab stay without high cost (as much as $30,000). In fact, many professionals point to outpatient MAT as the future of addiction treatment. In our outpatient MAT program, patients have a lot flexibility to continue with work, school and home while receiving local addiction treatment. Moreover, our Palm Beach Gardens Suboxone clinic provides all the ingredients of expensive, traditional rehab at a fraction of the price. All without the disruption that comes with a protracted rehab episode.

​Benefits of Outpatient Suboxone Treatment

  • Full patient autonomy
  • ​Morning, noon and evening programs
  • Ability to live at home with family support
  • ​Continue with work, school and home
  • ​Fraction of the cost than inpatient addiction treatment
  • Effective at treating all substance use disorders (i.e. Opioid Use Disorder)

​West Palm Beach Suboxone Treatment Clinic

Alternatives for You is dedicated to ensuring that you can access real, personalized Suboxone treatment in an empathetic, comfortable setting. We’re new to the area, but not new to opioid addiction treatment. In fact, our medical director, Dr. Charles A. Buscema has been a Suboxone doctor in Broward, Palm Beach and Martin Counties for almost 15 years. The key to Dr. Buscema’s success has been taking a whole patient approach that facilitates real addiction recovery.

Our foremost priorities when you come to see us for help with your addiction are concern and support. We want to get to know you as a person and focus on the present and future to assist you in getting well. At the same time, we’ll build a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs. We’ll apply medication assisted treatment services in conjunction with psychotherapy that sets a course for success. And, since we deliver these services on an outpatient basis, your daily routine is only nominally disrupted.

You won’t have to worry about being judged or feeling shame when visiting our West Palm Beach Suboxone clinic. Addiction is not a moral failing, but rather a disease that afflicts so many. Most importantly, your privacy is an immediate priority to us, and you’ll be assured discretion when you come into our Suboxone treatment clinic.